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First Edition : 2000. Dec
Price : 3,200 yen (excluding tax) A5 irregular size
Photographs : koji Mizutani
Texts : Paul Smith/Mari Kotani/Ruki Matsumoto
/Yoshinori Kaneko
Producer : Hiroki Nakata
Editing : Hiroshi Yoshida
Design : Kazunari Endo (Mizutani Studio)
Published by bauhaus

"Merry" is finally going to be put on the market as a picture book. Among many books published commemorating the millennium, it's going to be the most positive and bright one. At the end of a century, we hear so much negative and sad news daily. Koji Mizutani believes that it is people's smiles that could be the energy to animate and cheer us up for the 21st century. The art director Koji Mizutani, who's been a focus of constant attention globally in the advertising design field, has found that energy in the colorful girl characters that gather in Harajuku. He took photos of 500 girls' beaming smiles in Harajuku, discovering the present hopeful energy of the world in their smiles, and held an exhibition of "Merry" in January of 2000 using the whole Laforet Harajuku as a museum. The exhibition was extremely well received with a total of 30,000 visitors, and this pictorial record received numerous inquiries from all over the world from artists and those in related fields in in New York, Milan, and London. The thick picture book "Merry" is an integration of the exhibition and features more than 460 pieces of girls' photographs and their autographed messages, including the new pieces created especially for the publication. As well as selected pieces from "Merry at Laforet 2000." It's not just a showcase of fashion photos of Harajuku, but is a precious message for the age and a vivid record of the present Tokyo, filled with the girls' colorful and individual presences, and exhibiting positive energy for the next generations. You will find yourself incredibly happy and naturally encouraged after looking over the book.

It also features some columns contributed by domestic and international notable figures who sympathize with the project. "Merry" is a unique and significant piece of art that will have a far-reaching effect on both media and people on the street, and will be loved for many years to come.

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