First Edition : 2005. Mar
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Smile is a universal language. Each one of merry mind shines upon our future. MERRY EXPO was held around the world as well as at Expo 2005, as a communication art to try to rediscover common values for all humanity. A communication contents with brand-new technology was installed with cooperation's by Matsushita Electric industrial, NTT DoCoMo and Media Asahi. Its main feature was Merry From World, which had been played on Expo Vision at Expo 2005 Aichi Japan. Merry From World is featured more than 20,000 people's smiles and messages collected in 23 countries of the world, as responses to a simple question: "What's 'merry' for you?" Also, Merry Clean Up Project was held around the world, to "make the towns 'merry' by showing people cleaning up the street to stop people throw away things on the street." It was held in consideration.

Messages from the world
MERRY EXPO history