Merry-London Life image
Merry-London Life image
Merry-London Life image
Merry-London Life
First Edition : 2001. Apr
Photographs : Koji Mizutani
Participation artist=Paul Davis/Intro/Artifical
Enviromento/Pete Fowler Super Furry Animals/
The Bristol Art Library 他
Price : 300yen (excluding tax) 364×122mm color30page
Published by exposure

In 2001, the year of the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, Mizutani's "Merry Tokyo Life" was a major event held at Selfridge, a famous department store in London. Simultaneously "Merry-London Life" was exhibited at Laforet Museum in Harajuku. Young Londoners' smiles were exhibited with projectors in Harajuku site, and in London, posters of young Harajuku girls' smiles decorated the department store. "Merry messages" sent by the Merry home page viewers of the world were projected individually and text messages sent by fan's mobile phones were shown on screens in Tokyo and London in real time. This was a radically new experiment allowing two street cultures to exchange greetings with each other through the internet in real time. This installation attracted positive attention from the multitudes of different kinds of visitors.
Participating artists: Paul Davis, Intro, Artificial Environment, Pete Fowler Super Furry Animals, The Bristol Art Library, etc.